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Honestly, you can do one of three things in life. 1, You can numb your emotions and become an emotional robot, 2, you can allow yourself to feel but be paranoid and afraid of losing everything, or 3, you can put yourself out there and put your whole heart into everything you do.

Option 1 sucks because, yeah, you might not feel any real pain if you don’t let yourself love or get attached to anything. But also you won’t feel any real joy and it’s going to be a sad, empty existence for you. That is if you’re even successful in suppressing your emotions.

Option 2 is worse than option 1 because not only are the good things not even going to be enjoyable to you, but you’ll also get to feel the crushing pain of heart break, abandonment and all the other bad feelings, too.

Allowing yourself to get attached to people and love people and places and things is a good first step. That’s what we’re meant to do. But if you’re just paranoid the whole time, y’know, “Do they really even love me?” “What if they cheat on me?” “What if it doesn’t work out?” then you’re never going to enjoy the good times. Plus you’re going to summon all of the bad things you’re afraid of with this type of mindset. Self fulfilling prophecy.

So for example if you do this in a relationship, you’re not going to enjoy any of the happy good times of being in love and enjoying eachother. And then when/if it ends or bad things happen, you’re still going to be just as crushed and heart broken but it won’t have even been worth it because you didn’t get anything good out of it.

I’ve tried both of these mindsets before because I was afraid to let myself love. I was afraid to put my heart out there. I was afraid to trust. I think that’s human nature really. When you’ve been burned, and all of us have, you become more and more guarded.

But I’ve realized the only way to truly live and experience life the way it’s meant to be, is to put your entire heart into it, forget about the past and the future, let all the paranoia slip away and just live in the moment. Any of us could lose everything tomorrow. But we’ll deal with that when/if it happens. As for now, cherish what you do have. Don’t worry about how things could go wrong. Open your heart and let yourself be free 💕✌️

I know it’s easier said than done and it takes a bit of emotional training. We’re all human, nothing to be ashamed of. All I’m saying is to acknowledge it and work on it because it will improve your life ❤️