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Hey! I’m here to remind you that you&rsq…

Hey! I’m here to remind you that you’re amazing and that, while there are people who are really shitty, you should continue to stand for what you believe in because there’s so many of us out there who support you! (and understand that people are human and aren’t/don’t have to be perfect at all times) 💕❤️💓💜❤️

Oh thank you so much ❤️ it’s funny I thought id get flooded with negative messages but they’ve been nice so far

Thank you for your last post, i feel the exact…

Thank you for your last post, i feel the exact same way but was never able to say it.

Yeah it’s hard on a website like tumblr lol but thanks for the message 😊

See how a group of Swedish police officers res…






Four Swedish police officers’ New York vacation was interrupted when a fight broke out on the subway. The train operator called for support, and — being cops and all — they dutifully stepped in to help until local authorities arrived.

The visiting cops had to subdue the two men involved in the fight, which no doubt takes skill to do safely. But it’s how they did their job after they gained control that really impressed people.

Watch the full video here.


Say it louder for those in the back to hear. Calmly and unarmed.

Cops who help people, calmly disable a situation and restore public order rather than flex their authority, escalate the situation leading to a shit storm? Interesting….


I’m actually so sick of tumblr and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been so absent. Every idea I have for this blog can be twisted into something ~problematic~ because literally everything is fricken problematic now.

*Shares information about veganism*

You’re ableist! Some people can’t go vegan and so talking about being vegan is ableist! You’re just a privileged, white vegan! Fuck off!

*Shares information about diabetes and how to potentially prevent or reverse it*

Your post made me feel bad because that specific route didn’t work for me! You should never ever talk about something you haven’t experienced! Even if it could potentially help people! Shut the fuck up!

Like fuck man eventually you just get sick of the constant messages telling you you’re a shit person and to fuck off and die like this shit doesn’t happen on any other platform. No one acts like this in real life! It’s absolutely ridiculous! I post a video about diabetes and I have like 20 people telling me to fuck off and shut the fuck up, are you kidding me? This is why motherfuckers end up like laci green. And no I’m not comparing myself to her I still hold all of my beliefs very firmly no one will change that. I stand against racism and sexism and homophobia, etc. Like it’s walking on egg shells around here you literally can’t say anything without getting attacked about it. And no I’m not talking about “oh we should be able to use the n word” I’m just talking about letting people BREATHE. I swear some people sit at the computer refreshing, waiting for something to fucking criticize like do you ever get tired of that? “Oh this person said the word stupid and that’s now a slur because I said it was so you’re a terrible person you should die.” What the shit? You all need to smoke some fucking weed and chill or something like I almost give you props for being always fuckin ready to go, ready to argue, the tiniest minuscule little misstep and you are fucking ON that shit in 0.2 seconds, reciting all of the reasons I should kill myself tonight.

I’m a human being. There have been times where I’ve legitimately messed up and I’ve apologized and learned from those times. But even then. I’ve seen so many people mess up on Tumblr and everyone just fucking attacks them. And don’t give me that bull shit of “well i shouldn’t have to educate people on their problematic behaviour” then don’t!! Scroll past! If you don’t have anything nice or even borderline decent to say then don’t say anything! If someone has genuinely messed up out of a place of being misinformed, they don’t deserve a million messages telling them they’re horrible. This is not how normal people interact in real life. If I hear someone say faggot for example, not against a gay person but y’know they just use the word, I don’t flip the fuck out and write this person off forever. I simply say oh hey that’s not a good word to say could you maybe not? And their response? 9/10 they’ll say “oh I’m sorry I won’t say that anymore. I didn’t mean it in a bad way I’m sorry!” And there you go. Then you move on with your life. But if you go in on this person and tell them how horrible they are, all that’s happening is you’re angry, they’re angry and no one learned anything. And no it’s not your responsibility to educate them but it’s also not okay to tear people to shreds like that either. I feel like it’s just a power move sometimes. You wanna feel like you’re the smartest, least problematic person so you can sit all high and mighty and judge everyone else for any small thing. You’ve never done anything problematic before? Not a chance buddy. We all have so idk why you think you’re something special to be calling people out? We’re all just human.

Anyways the main point of this, and trust me I know it doesn’t seem like it, is that everyone should respect and love eachother. Look at eachother with compassion. Be understanding. Just basically be a good person. And if you can’t handle that, then log off of your computer and just don’t interact with people until you can learn some basic social skills.

And I’m ready for the angry messages and comments so fuckin bring em. You all know I’m open to criticism. As long as you’re not swearing at me and just being a jerk then I’ll straight up shut you out. But I’m not silencing myself anymore for fear of what people on tumblr are going to say. If I want to talk about veganism, I will! If I want to talk about anything, I will! I don’t care anymore. So it’ll be all real me from now on and anyone with a problem, feel free to unfollow or block me or whatever your heart desires. This is my blog where I get to be me. And no I’m not switching up any of my beliefs I want to make that very clear. I am still the same person I’m just not filtering myself anymore but that doesn’t mean I’m going to become some anti political correctness loser. I still believe in listening to people who’ve experienced things first hand such as racism. I still understand that in some cases I’m coming from a place of privilege. I still understand basic respect for others so don’t get it twisted. I hope that makes sense. I’m just going to be thinking for myself more often and not taking what people on tumblr say as some holy scripture on how to behave. So yeah! Send your messages! Do what you gotta do.

Can I offer you a tip? Unless you have persona…

Can I offer you a tip? Unless you have personal experience with diabetes or have studied diabetes in depth please do not act like you know anything about it thanks. It affects every aspect of my life including my mental health and coming online to the only place where I can talk about my struggles and seeing posts like yours basically telling me it’s all my fault really doesn’t help. I understand that you think your helping in some way but you aren’t so next time just don’t ok?

How does it make you feel like it’s your fault? It’s simply a video stating some of the causes of diabetes. Maybe it’s not the cure for everyone. Maybe it’s not the cause for everyone. But if it can help even one person, I feel like it’s worth it. So, no I won’t stop sharing stuff that is important and potentially helpful to people. Just because I don’t have it doesn’t mean I can’t know anything about it? Saying that people who don’t have a specific ailment automatically can’t know anything about that ailment is ridiculous I mean hello doctors? I wouldn’t share some fake science bullshit but that video had sources for all the studies and information he talked about. The purpose of the video is not to make you feel bad it’s to help the people who it can help. Maybe that’s not you. So keep scrolling on then. I won’t be tagging it as diabetes anymore because someone else asked that of me which I respect. So you won’t have to see it!

I'm having a stressful gay day and was wo…

I'm having a stressful gay day and was wondering if you could help.

Sure whatsup?

I think the anon asking about tagging bugs mea…

I think the anon asking about tagging bugs meant to tag any posts that contain pictures of insects and, if so, I'd like to request the same, if it's not too much trouble.

Oh lol sorry I’m an idiot sure I can do that!




All it means when people say “you’re speaking from a place of privilege” is that you’re likely to underestimate how bad the problem is by default because you are never personally exposed to that problem. It’s not a moral judgement of how difficult your life is.

Lemme put it this way. As a right handed person how often have y’all noticed the lack of left handed desks? Right handed accommodated controllers? Where a computer mouse is naturally placed? Not very often I assume. You won’t notice the everyday inconveniences in a world that is MADE FOR YOU.

were-all-queer-here: Did you know you can rev…


Did you know you can reverse diabetes, or at least greatly reduce its effects through a plant based diet? This is wild guys! All this time I spent thinking sugar was the cause of diabetes and I was wrong! Check it out!




and dare I say it,