One thing that going vegan has taught me is that I can do anything I set my mind to! I’ve never really believed in myself a lot tbh. All of the different goals I’ve had throughout my life have been left in the past because I thought I wasn’t good enough for them or I could never achieve them.

That’s the same idea I had about going vegan. I was always interested. I’m allergic to dairy anyway so removing meat and eggs was easier. But I always thought wow how can people do that? It seemed impossible to me and I thought I could never do it myself. But one day I just said fuck it and I told myself I’d try it out for a week. I struggled at first, I ate mostly rice. It took a while but I learned about all the cool vegan stuff I could make and I started trying it out. Started eating more fruits and veggies and trying new things, like tofu.

I learned about nutrition and eating a whole foods plant based diet. I got this book, how not to die by Michael Greger. That one week turned into two weeks, three weeks, a month. The time went by so quick and I assumed I wouldn’t be able to make it past a week. All the sudden its been a couple months and I’m loving it!

Anyway the point of this story is that I fully believed I’d never be able to achieve this. But here I am. And I still feel the same way about many other goals. I dismiss ideas because I feel like I would never be able to do them.

So this isn’t really a vegan post this is a philosophical post. Veganism was just the thing that taught this to me personally. The point is, you can reach any goals you strive for. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Because that idea has held me back for a lot of my life. Whatever goal it is you have that you’ve been thinking about for a while but not pursuing out of insecurity, this is your sign to go for it. It might be hard at first, it’ll take learning and dedication. But I promise, you can do it!