some random cis with “marxist leninist feminist” and “material analysis > identity politics” in their bio: i am kink critical and hope every man into bdsm dies because no one can consent to pain and kink is just an excuse for men to abuse women!!!! every type of kink is BAD and INEXCUSABLE and furthermore if you are an afab nonbinary you’re just a stupid woman and also don’t face transphobia because all afab nonbinaries are ☝🏻materially women☝🏻and that’s just the reality! also bisexuals can’t reclaim q****! if you’re misgendered as a man you have male privilege (unless you’re a trans woman uwu no terfs!!) and if you’re misgendered as your agab you have cis privilege!! also women INHERENTLY can’t be cis

me, taking a sip of my iced coffee: