“Transformational Words” // Trans Short Film

“Transformational Words” // Trans Short Film:




This video is really special to me, it’s my own narrative on being transgender. It would mean the world to me if people could check it out and share it. I want to share something and get this heard, being transgender IS NOT a curse and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The past few weeks have been really hard for me, I hit a low point again and I channeled all of my energy into this because I hope that it can maybe reach one person and maybe it will help them in some way.

I hope my followers will re blog this and spread the word, it would honestly mean so so much to me. Help spread the word that being transgender IS okay!

Sorry for re blogging this again! But it would be awesome if the video could get to a 1,000 views on YouTube. I’m over half way there now! Please consider re-blogging this! <3

Reached 1000 views! Thank you, I know that we can reach 10,000. Please help me spread this message and re blog! 

Check this out y’all (: